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Safely root & disable Knox on Android 4.3 for Samsung Galaxy s3 i747 t999 s4 i337 m919 I537 and more

Advantages of this root method is safe for your phone, even if the root will not work for you (ex: phone not supported) will not break your warranty because will disable the Knox flag and can cover up all root tracks by unrooting and restoring/updating the last stock firmware is [...]

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The correct steps when buying an unlock code for your phone

People that hurry normally lose more time than those that think twice before doing something and chose the right solution. What I recommend is to take 10 min, read this tutorial as might help save more time and money. 1.Verify if you need an unlock Sometimes you might think that [...]

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What you should check before buying a mobile phone unlock code

Normally were in a bit of a hurry when we decide to unlock our mobile phone, either our primary phone broke and found a spare but is locked, or will be needing it unlocked in a day or to for the trip overseas. Even if so, is important to take [...]

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3 Methods to safely root the new Samsung models

The3 methods I am presenting below are general rooting methods that will work on a large variety of Android devices, so even though this guide is personalized for Samsung devices, will work the same way for other Android brands, just need to use specific drivers. This can be considered safe [...]

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The correct way to insert the LG Unlock Codes

Lg phones unlock codes even though normally not very expensive compared to the codes for other phones, sometimes raise a lot of problems when it comes to inserting the codes. Why is that? Because almost every model has its different way of inserting the unlock code. Don’t worry bellow will [...]

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How to unroot restore to stock firmware Samsung Galxy S4 m919 i337m

Warning!! Please verify that phone is not having locked bootloader before restoring (ex. i337 AT&T has a locked bootloader do not try to restore that) Because of the new Knox security when downgrading from 4.3 to lower firmware will lose your warranty. Downgrading from 4.3 to lower firmware may cause [...]

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The right way to insert the Samsung unlock codes

 Explaining the Samsung unlock codes More than 90% of all Samsung phones will need only the Network unlock code or NCK, and in case the wrong code is inserted too many times the Unfreeze code or MCK. But some network may use other, bellow is presented the most common unlock codes [...]

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What to do when deciding to change to a Samsung custom rom

Whenever you decide to play around with your device is a good idea to make a backup; would suggest to use the Backup and recovery option from your phone or use Kies to do the backup from the PC. After that is important to understand what you are going to [...]

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Steps to take for not losing warranty on a jailbroken iPhone

When changing the iPhone operating system by update or restore you practically change all the iPhone content, so all the traces that the iPhone was jailbroken are lost. So, if you can access the iPhone,is connecting normally to pc, and you do not need to preserve your iPhone baseband (modem [...]

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