Comparing the best 2 one-click root programs Vroot and Kingo

//Comparing the best 2 one-click root programs Vroot and Kingo

Comparing the best 2 one-click root programs Vroot and Kingo

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The first good one click root application was Superoneclick, that worked great on Android Gingerbread and locked, but was no longer updated since October 2010, so is obsolete.

Seen some guys are still using it, but works only for older phones with Android 2.3 or lower.After this until recently when this programs I will present here started to emerge there was no other free rooting tool that works for a wide range of phones.

This tutorial is particularized for rooting Samsung smartphones but is similar to other brands, just need to install the proper drivers.

Advantages of rooting your phone using this 2 one click root applications

  • is extremely simple to install and use, both one-click install and one click root
  • are safe, no need to worry that you downloaded by mistake a file for the wrong model and will brick your device; even if the root will not be successful your device will not be damaged
  • very useful even if you are new to rooting, this would the only root methods would recommend if never worked with Android smartphones before, but also for professional and service shops because makes respective work fast and easy

Files needed before you android smartphone root:

-Samsung drivers

-Vroot application

-Kingoroot application

Preparing before rooting your phone, for both programs

Rooting with this 2 programs is basically the same, takes a bit longer when you root first time because have to install the programs and drivers, but after that just need to press the root button and job done. So here is what you need to do when rooting first time, using one of the 2 one click root programs:

1. Download the files needed before rooting your android device.No need to download both, can look at the video while comparing the 2, decide which one you like most and  use that. If not working download and install the second one

2. Install both the one click root application, either Kingo or Vroot and also install the Samsung drivers

3. Enable usb debugging on your smartphone, by going to Settings/Developer options.If you do not see in settings the Developer options, you need to go to Settings/About and tap 10 times on the Build number until you will see “You are now a developer”

4. Connect the phone to pc and wait until the drivers are installed

Using the one click root programs

After installing the programs the , basically just have to connect the phone to PC , the phone should be detected by the rooting tool, no matter if you use Vroot or Kingo Root ,the program will verify if phone is rooted or not,and if not rooted will see the “Root ” button.

Press the root button, then just have to wait until the program will notify you that the phone is rooted. If the phone is not detected, verify that phone is detected in Device Manager as “Adb device”. For Kingo root application may take 1-2 min before is synchronizing with the server, so verify it shows in the lower left part the version number to know that is ready.

In some cases the program may ask you if you agree to flash a custom kernel, the process that may damage your warrantying that case, even if normally the process should not damage your device ,should not proceed further if you do not want to lose your warranty.

Please take a look at the video to see which one of the 2 programs is the best after our testing. Anyway, both programs are great oneclick root, safe to use and furthermore very easy, the great option for beginners, but for professionals also as save time.

Take a look at the video, try the programs, and let us know if worked for you,for what phone models worked (or did not worked) and which one you consider the best one click root program

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