How to update your Nokia Lumia 520 625 820 1020 1520 to windows 8.1

//How to update your Nokia Lumia 520 625 820 1020 1520 to windows 8.1

How to update your Nokia Lumia 520 625 820 1020 1520 to windows 8.1

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Windows 8.1 is very expected for the Nokia  Lumia 520 625 1520 and all others especially for the new digital assistant Cortana that is expected to match or surpass the Apple personal assistant Siri.

There are other new interesting features available on the new Windows 8.1, like the “Project my screen” option that you will see I am using in the above video or the independent volume control for ringer and notifications.

The only problem currently is that if you have windows 8.0 and does a search for an update from settings will see that nothing is available yet.

Curious to try the new features will show how to install the new windows 8.1 on your Nokia Lumia 520 625 820 1020 1520 and for all other windows 8 phones. If you change your mind and want to get back to windows 8.0 is still possible by flashing the rom directly and will show that in a different tutorial.

The 3 steps process needed to update your lumia to windows 8.1

1.Sign up as a developer by going to and press the blue button   “Start new project” and log in with your normal Microsoft account (the one you use for Windows Live, or on your windows 8 pc)

2.That is basically all you need to do from the pc, now on your Nokia Lumia phone,on the video I used a nokia lumia 520 Windows Phone store and look for “Preview for Developers”and download it. Open it and sign in with the same account you just used for Appstudio and agree to their term and conditions.

3.Go in the phone settings at “phone update” and check for updates. Now your phone will
show there is an update, go ahead and install it. In my case for this Nokia 520 firstly  it installed a few minor updates needed to prepare the phone for installing the windows 8.1, so keep using the search for update until you see in settings you have windows 8.1

All done, one more tip to be able to use Cortana,since is available for USA only will have to change your region in settings to ‘United States, English’ and language to English (United States) ,then reboot.

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