Online unlock by usb cable or IMEI unlock code -which is the right method for your phone?

There are some common aspects that apply to both this unlock methods and separate this from unprofessional unlock methods, so will present those first: Both this unlocks methods are permanent factory unlocks, that will not void your phone's warranty. Both are professional safe methods, so can be assured there will [...]

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How to successfully insert the unlock codes on T-Mobile Galaxy Avant SM-G386T

The customized firmware T-Mobile did for the Samsung Galaxy Avant G386T that can only be unlocked using their Android application. When you turn your phone with a different sim card, will no longer prompt you to insert an unlock code, but instead will say “Invalid SIM Card –This device can be remotely [...]

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The correct steps when buying an unlock code for your phone

People that hurry normally lose more time than those that think twice before doing something and chose the right solution. What I recommend is to take 10 min, read this tutorial as might help save more time and money. 1.Verify if you need an unlock Sometimes you might think that [...]

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Steps to take for not losing warranty on a jailbroken iPhone

When changing the iPhone operating system by update or restore you practically change all the iPhone content, so all the traces that the iPhone was jailbroken are lost. So, if you can access the iPhone,is connecting normally to pc, and you do not need to preserve your iPhone baseband (modem [...]

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