Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Where do I find the #IMEI code?

On many devices, the IMEI number can be retrieved by entering *#06# or is located in the battery compartment.

Android : Settings –> About Phone
iOS : Settings –> General –> About
Sony Ericsson (New Devices) : Options –> status.
Sony Ericsson (Old Devices): Dial * Right * Left Left * Left
Blackberry : Options –> Status

What is an IMEI?

The IMEI (i.e. International Mobile Equipment Identity) number is used by a GSM network to recognize devices trying to connect to them and therefore may be used for stopping a stolen phone from accessing that network.

It is only used for identifying the device and does not have any permanent or semi-permanent connection with the subscriber. The IMEI number includes information on the source, version, and the serial number of the device.

What is a phone unlock code?

An Unlock Code is a numeric string. When entered into a locked handset it releases the SIM lock restriction and allows the handset to be used on other GSM carriers.

How do I know my phone is locked?

Insert a SIM Card from a different carrier than the one your handset is using. When power up is complete the handset will display a message like those below if it SIM locked: Enter Subsidy Code, Enter Unlock Code, Incorrect Sim Card, Insert Correct Sim Card, Invalid Smart Chip, Phone Restricted, Sim Network Unlock Code, Sim Network Unlock Pin, Special Code Required, Wrong Sim Card, Network Lock Control Key, Sim Password, Incompatible Sim, Enter Subsidy Pin

Is it legal to unlock my phone?

The Digital Millennium Copyright Act, introduced an exemption on November 27, 2006, specifically allowing unlocking of mobile devices.

Why should I unlock my phone?

Unlocking your mobile phone has multiple advantages: It raises the resell value and marketability of your telephone by not limiting the phone to a certain carrier, it enables it to work globally, it removes roaming charges by letting you change to a local carrier in the local area.

Will you be able to see all the files from my computer?

Will only see the exact screen you see when you send us the id and password from Teamviewer. Normally is the Desktop, and if you have something on your desktop – that you do not want us to see, can move the content to a folder while we do the unlock.

With Teamviewer we are not able to access any file or folder from your PC without you seeing it, you see everything we are doing. We are not interested in your private files and will never try to open any private file from your PC.

You always have the control of your PC and of the connection and if you see something you do not like can always stop the connection by closing TeamViewer.

The discount code is not accepted, what can I do?

To be able to use discount codes you must be logged in, so if do not have an account please make a free account and log in and the code should be accepted.