The correct way to insert the LG Unlock Codes

//The correct way to insert the LG Unlock Codes

The correct way to insert the LG Unlock Codes

Lg phones unlock codes even though normally not very expensive compared to the codes for other phones, sometimes raise a lot of problems when it comes to inserting the codes.

Why is that?

Because almost every model has its different way of inserting the unlock code. Don’t worry bellow will present a rule that works for most phones and the exact methods for the exceptions, but read carefully to see if you really need the unlock in the first, please.

Before buying the unlock code is that the solution?

For most phones is very simple to see if the device is locked to other mobile network and if will work by using an unlock code. All you have to do is get a sim from another carrier and restart the phone with that sim inside. If the phone asks for code then an unlock code by IMEI is the easiest solution.

It does not ask but see the signal bars from the new carrier then is already unlocked, if no signal the phone is either hard locked or blacklisted in most cases.

But that’s not the case for Lg phones, and unlock code may work even if not asking for it with a sim from a different provider, however you must verify using the instructions from next paragraph if you will be to insert the unlock code.

If you try the instructions and you can’t find a way to insert the code, either ask a specialist or use an online unlock method by USB cable if available for your phone.

Also as for all other phones need to be sure your phone is locked to GSM network and will work to be unlocked. If is locked to a CMDA network like Verizon or Sprint, or to networks like Tracfone, Net10 LG or Straight Talk that have custom made phones that will not work on other networks, then don’t try to buy a code as this solution will not work for you.

General solutions to insert LG unlock codes for most phones

1.On most phones, especially the new ones should ask for unlock code if you restart with a sim from another carrier. So just find a sim from another GSM network, that you know should normally be supported by the phone is unlocked, and when will turn on with that sim inside will ask for the “Network unlock code”, or something similar. Be careful not to be confused id will ask for  “PIN code”, as that is the Pin security from the sim card not, the unlock code.

2.If the above method has not worked can try the code that works for most Lg phones to get to the secret menu: “2945#*XXX#” , where xxx represents the number of your phone (not porn movies J).

For example, if you have P920 the code will be 2945#*920#, for LG Cookie Lite T300 is 2945#*300#, and so on. After dialing that code, depending on the phone you will either get a box to insert the code or get to a menu from where will have to select “Sim Unlock Code” or “Network unlock” (or something similar) and will be able to insert your unlock code.

For some models the menu is even a bit more complicated, so in order to get to the place for inserting the code have to go to  Menu->Settings->Security->Sim Unlock Code.

If your phone has a service provider lock (SPCK), like Telus or Fido Canada will have to insert beside the network unlock code (NCK), the service provider code(SPCK) also in the same way.

Exceptions: LG phones that have a specific way to insert the unlock codes

Unfortunately, there are a lot of LG phones that have the specific method to insert the unlock code and the generic solution presented above do not work.

My intention is to mate the biggest and easiest to use the database for LG unlock code instructions. All you have to do is select your model from the dropdown list and will be taken to the page with your phone’s instructions.

If you see a phone that is not listed that has a specific method of inserting the unlock code please let us know to add it here and help others that search for the same thing.

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