How to root your Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+ G928T G928w8 G928F in 3 minutes

//How to root your Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+ G928T G928w8 G928F in 3 minutes

How to root your Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+ G928T G928w8 G928F in 3 minutes

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This S6 edge plus root method is as easy as can get and very fast,specially if you have the Samsung drivers installed and is not your first time when using Odin.

If you never used Odin before,then is a perfect time to start learning as is very easy and can see exact steps in our video tutorial also.

Still before starting the tutorial I recommend to do a backup of your important data from your phone, did not hear of any issues but is better be on the safe side and take into consideration that by using this method will void your warranty and trip the Knox flag.

Supported devices for rooting

This root method is intended for the following versions of Samsung galaxy S6 edge plus: T-mobile G928T, Canadian version SM-G928W8 ,European version G928F, G928I, G928C, G928L, G928K, G928S.

Files needed to do the S6 Edge+ G925T root

Samsung drivers

-Odin 3.10.6

-Custom kernel (Very important chose only the one for your device model!) :

-kernel for G928T / G928W8 or second kernel for G928T (if first not working properly)

-kernel for G928F/ G928I/G928C/G928L/G928K/G928S

 Steps by step tutorial to root Galaxy S6 edge+

1. Download the files mentioned above.

2. Install the Samsung drivers and extract the files from

3. On your phone go to Settings/About Device and tap 7 times on the Build number till will show on screen “You are now a developer”

4.From Settings/Developer options enable Usb debugging and Enable OEM unlock

5.Turn off the phone, then hold Home,Power and Volume down till you get to a Warning screen, after that press Volume Up to Continue and when you see “Downloading” on screen you know you are in Download mode

6.Open Odin and select for AP the custom kernel you downloaded: 928-T-ODIN.tar or 928-FKLSI-ODIN.tar , depending on your phone model

7. Connect the phone to computer and when the COM box from Odin becomes blue press Start button

8.When you see on Odin “PASS” , the phone will start by itself and when is back on will have SuperSU installed and phone rooted.

In case of any error after root, or problems like randoms reboot please make a factory reset from recovery.For that turn off the phone then hold in same time Home, Power and Volume up.

When you get to Recovery Mode select the “Wipe data/factory reset” and “Wipe cache partition” , then reboot.

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