How to root Android 5.1.1 for Samsung Galaxy Edge+ G928T G928W8 Note 5 N920T and many others

//How to root Android 5.1.1 for Samsung Galaxy Edge+ G928T G928W8 Note 5 N920T and many others

How to root Android 5.1.1 for Samsung Galaxy Edge+ G928T G928W8 Note 5 N920T and many others

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This is a unique and powerful root method, and the only way currently to support new phones like Galaxy S6 Edge+ and can be pretty safe as long as you follow the tutorial and use the correct files.

Still since is done by flashing a custom recovery will trip Knox and therefore void your warranty.

Also, other 2 side effect seems are the fact that the Wi-Fi calling will not work and Samsung Pay will not work. If you need to root your G928T only to be able to unlock it you can fix the last 2 side effects by flashing the stock firmware after the unlock.

If you want to unlock your phone we provide exclusive unlock for the T-mobile S6 Edge+ and Note 4 N920T at the best price.

Supported devices for rooting

This root method is based on flashing a special kernel made by xda member arter97,so basically all the models for which are custom kernel available or will be available will work with this method.

Here is the list of devices currently supported, and can see if will be any updates on

-Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+ G928T G928W8 G928F G928C G928I G928S G928K G928L

-Samsung Galaxy Note 5 N920T N920W8 N920C N920I N920S N920K N920L

-Samsung Galaxy S6 G920T G920W8 G920F G920I G920S G920K G920L

-Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge G925T G925W8 G925F G925I G925S G925K G925L

Files needed to do the S6 Edge+ / Note 5 root

Samsung drivers

-Odin 3.10.6

-Custom kernel and recovery (Very important chose only the one for your device model!)


Step by step root tutorial for Galaxy S6 edge+ Note 5 etc

1. Download the files mentioned above. While downloading the others might not be a problem, when downloading the custom kernel and recovery you need to enter to the last version available of the kernel, currently is 4.3 and from there select your device.

For example, if you have a Galaxy s6 Edege+ G928T T-Mobile chose g920tw8. And from there download the and the arter97-recovery-g920tw8-4.3-philz_touch_6.59.0.tar.md5 (the recovery with tar.md5 at the end so can flash it by Odin)

2. Install the Samsung drivers and extract the files from

3.Connect the phone in normal mode and transfer on the root of your phone or somewhere easy to find on your phone the Supersu update file and the custom kernel

4. On your phone go to Settings/About Device and tap 7 times on the Build number till will show on screen “You are now a developer”

5.From Settings/Developer options enable Usb debugging and Enable OEM unlock (if your phone has that option)

6. From Settings/Security verify that Reactivation lock not to be selected, if it is deselect it

7.Turn off the phone, then hold Home,Power and Volume down till you get to a Warning screen, after that press Volume Up to Continue and when you see “Downloading” on screen you know you are in Download mode

8.Open Odin and select for AP the custom recovery from Philz_touch arter97-recovery-g920tw8-4.3-philz_touch_6.59.0.tar.md5 and also from The Options tab deselect the option Auto Reboot

9. Connect the phone to computer and when the COM box from Odin becomes blue press Start button

10.When you see on Odin “PASS” can disconnect phone from computer and hold Home,Power and Volume Up to boot in recovery-since in passing from Download mode might take a bit longer

11. Once you booted in the custom recovery (should be written Philz Touch on the top left ), select the Option “Install zip” and browse to the place from your phone where you in Step 3 you transferred the 2 files and select ,then Yes-Install again to confirm the installation.

12.Do exact like on step 11 to install, then select the option Reboot System now

14.Phone will reboot and you will find SuperSu app installed and if it opens without any error then you have the confirmation the phone is successfully rooted.

If you have any problems while following the root tutorial please leave a comment below. Also if can help you with anything else related to the unlock or root of this devices please contact us.

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