Verification for Samsung Network Production date and warranty


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This verification service is essential when buying a used phone because lately many fake phones look exactly like an original one, so if you have the imei can find out instantly all the important data about the device like the network to which is locked, it is still in warranty or when was made. Plus some devices cannot be unlocked at all, so if you are not able to use it on the network is curently locked might be useless. So less than 1$ used here to check the network, production date and warranty can save you a couple of hundred dollars.


Example of what info you will receive:

IMEI: 35992105345XXXX

Serial Number: R38F150XXXX

Model: GT-I9505

Product Code: GT-I9505ZWAVDI

Division: Mobile Phone (HHP)

Sold To: Ireland

Carrier: Vodafone

Production Date: July 12, 2014

Ship Date: January 13, 2014

Phone Age: 0 Year(s), 6 Month(s), 15 Day(s)

Factory Warranty Coverage: October 12, 2015


Process time: 1-15 minutes


How would this service help me

You can see to which network is locked and can choose the unlocking service best suited for it. By seeing the warranty expiration date you will know untill when you can still get it fixed for free at an official repair shop. If you want to root it but at the same time would not want to lose the warranty, knowing exactly when the warranty will expire is some information important to know. In case the phone has a problem and you have to restore it with Kies will be required to have the serial number. The bad part is unless you have the box or the original papers you will not be able to find the serial number since on the phone itself is written only the IMEI. This service will provide you with the serial number based on the IMEI.

Supported models

-Any Samsung model

How the verification is done

When buying this service you will have to insert the phone IMEI:

IMEI – Ex: 353424250140367, normally made of 15 digits, can be found by dialing *#06# or looking in Settings/General/ About.

If your phone is not activated yet, push the lock/unlock button(Power button) on your phone.

You will see a small (i) above the Slide for Emergency/Slide to Begin option, press that. If cannot get the IMEI from your phone email us and will guide you.


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