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This icloud verification service is essential when buying a used phone because in some cases iCloud locked phone cannot be used at all so less than 1$ used here to check the iPhone FMI (Find my phone) status can save you a couple of hundred dollars.

By buying this service you will get your phone verified so you know for sure if the phone is locked by Find my phone or by an apple ID. Further mode this service will show you if your phone is declared blacklisted on Apple server. That can be helpful because in some case even if the phone is locked by iCloud might still be a way to remove the iCloud if the phone is clean and not declared Blacklisted (This usually happens when the phone has been declared lost or stolen by the old owner.)

This check will also verify if the phone has been LOST/ ERASED which means that the device is reported stolen or lost to Apple servers. If the answer returned is Clean, the unlock using our clean icloud unlock services will work . 

Example of what info you will receive:

IMEI: 3572930915xxxxx

Explanation of the possible results you might get:

FMI: ON – means Find My Phone is ON, so it has apple ID/ iCloud Lock

FMI: OFF –means Find My Phone is OFF, so is good does not have an iCloud Lock

iCloud: LOST / ERASED -means the device is reported stolen or lost to apple server

iCloud: CLEAN -means device is not reported to apple server as lost or stolen


Process time: 1-15 minutes


How would this service help me

First of all would never recommend buying a used iPhone that has iCloud lock even if is 2 times cheaper ,that is why is vital to do this verification before purchasing your device. The information about whether is blacklisted or not can be useful if you already have an iCloud locked device that you bought by mistake or you forgot your own apple ID . If the IMEI is clean might still be a chance to unlock the iCloud since most of the icloud removing services for iPhones will work for IMEI  that are clean/not blacklisted.

Supported models

-Any iPhone model

How the verification is done

When buying this service you will have to insert the iPhone IMEI:

IMEI – Ex: 353424250140367, normally made of 15 digits, can be found by dialing *#06# or looking in Settings/General/ About.

If your phone is not activated yet, push the lock/unlock button(Power button) on your iPhone.

You will see a small (i) above the Slide for Emergency/Slide to Begin option, press that. If cannot get the IMEI from your phone email us and will guide you.


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