Teamviewer online support instructions 2018-06-09T14:45:52+00:00

Thank you for buying our online unlock. The online unlocks are perform in our Online program or when the chat button from the bottom right shows that we are Online

What we need for performing the online unlock

A. Preparations you will need to make before we can connect remotely to your computer using TeamViewer:
We will connect to your pc using Teamviewer software. Please download Teamviewer from this link:
Save it to your computer then Open it. Then tick the box next to “Show advanced settings” and select Install

Then select “Use Teamviewer VPN”, when you see it come up.

After doing the above settings and those on your computer please verify when is the next time will be available to help you remotely by looking at our online program. If we are available just open the program Teamviewer keep it open and contact us on the website chat or on skype (id onlineunlocks) and give us the ID and Password shown by TeamViewer like those shown in the picture above.

Thank you for your trust and confidence,
       The OnlineUnlocks Team