Fast direct unlock Sprint S9 G960U S9+ G965U – just a few minutes in our online program


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We offer you an exclusive Sprint Samsung Galaxy unlock method, working for  Sprint Samsung models such as G960U and G965U. Also as a bonus, we’ll offer a free sprint debranding to remove all the unwanted bloatware from sprint.

Here you can find the unique method to unlock your device, which will work for both in the USA and any other GSM network. A backup is strongly recommended because all of your data will be wiped in the process.

This unlock is done online by USB cable, not by codes calculated from IMEI.

A few words about the S9 series

The S series ( Super Smart ) Samsung Galaxy is a line of high-end Android mobile devices produced by Samsung.

S9 and S9+ have been released in 2018 and had a great impact on the industry. These models have been especially recognized for their impressive low-light camera and their good stereo speakers. The only downside that most of the people observer was that it isn’t too different from the S8 Plus, the overrated AR Emoji mode, and the pricing. Nevertheless, it is the best Android phone at the moment for his high quality and high specs, good camera and for his size.


Benefits of this Sprint Galaxy unlock method:

  • it is the only way to unlock this device because of the Sprint network
  • it is 100% secured to work
  • using this unlock method can unlock all S9 and S9+ models, including those in contract
  • you will receive online support from our staff until you validate that the phone is unlocked (for that is better to have a sim from another carrier when doing the unlock)

To be able to use this service you’ll need:

  • a basic computer with Windows ( not Linux – Mint, Ubuntu, Debian or Mac )
  • a stable internet connection (at least 2Mbps, will not work on low internet connections, verify on )
  • a regular USB cable that is delivered with the phone.

Supported models

Sprint Samsung Galaxy

-S9 G960U

-S9 Plus G965U

How the Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9+ unlock is done?

Note: We are available according to our Online program.

The last step after purchase is to prepare your computer and phone before the online unlock. You’ll receive the instructions after buying the service in several minutes after buying the service. To perform the unlock, we will connect to your computer and unlock the phone for you, a process that takes around 15-20 minutes.

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