Huawei unlock code and troubleshooting instructions 2018-06-07T11:09:32+00:00

Huawei Unlock code instructions:

Please turn off the phone, insert in your phone a SIM card from a different carrier, turn on and when asked to insert the Sim Network Unlock code/pin insert the unlock code received, then is unlocked.

If your phone asks for something different like “SIMLOCK block unlock reset key” or “SIM service provider unlock PIN” and you received only one unlock code,please Contact us as your phone needs another unlock code

If you received 4 Huawei unlock codes,the first is the Network unlock code (NCK),the next 2 are service provider unlock codes(SPCK) and the last is the unblock key (MCK),similar to the unfreeze code that should be used in case you entered too many wrong codes.

If the phone asks for “Sim Network Unlock pin” you will need to use the Network unlock code (first from the 4 codes provided)

If the phone asks for “SIM service provider unlock PIN” you will need to use the service provider unlock codes (the second or third if you receive 4 codes).

If the phone asks for “SIMLOCK block unlock reset key” you will need for the unblock key (the last one if you receive 4 codes),and afterwards, should ask for the network unlock pin .

Huawei Troubleshooting instructions:

Your Huawei displays “Code Error” or “Sim Network Unlock Unsuccessful” after inserting the unlock code

Never enter more than once the unlock code,if you know you wrote it correctly but was not accepted.

Verify the phone is asking for the unlock code, not for the “SIM PIN” or “SIM PUK”.Those are specific to your SIM card and should be written on your SIM package if is a new SIM.

If the code is not accepted do a factory reset and try to reinsert it.If you have a custom firmware that might be the cause why is not accepted so should restore to stock firmware and try again.

The Huawei device asks for  “Sim PIN”  or “PUK”

Those are specific to your SIM card and should be written on your SIM package if is a new SIM.The SIM pin is either set by the Sim owner or if is a new card should be written on the SIM instructions papers. For most Sim cards the default PIN is either 0000 or 1234 ,but you only have 3 tries so would recommend trying to find the exact Pin before trying those.If asks for PUK you can find it by calling to your carrier support or look on the original SIM package.

Your Huawei asks for  “Phone Password”/”Security Pin”/”User code” or another user lock like pattern lock/Gmail account

Most likely your Huawei has a user lock. To be sure that’s the problem turn on the phone without a SIM inside or with the original SIM. If asks the same thing then for sure the user lock is the problem.  The fix for this is a hardreset. To do a hard reset on android phones go in “Recovery mode” by turning the phone off then holding in the same time “Home”, “Power” and “Vol  up” buttons, then select “Wipe data/Factory reset”

After turning on your Huawei smartphone with the new sim inside it displays “No SIM”

It means the Huawei mobile cannot detect the sim card at all.The most usual reason is that the SIM card is not inserted correctly, so verify what’s the right way to insert the SIM card and reinsert it.If you still you get the same message there may be a problem with your SIM card, either SIM is broken or not supported by the phone at all , so verify if you get the same message with other SIM  card or there might be a problem with the sim card reader.

The Huawei accepted the code but still displays “No service”

This can be caused by many things, here are the most common reasons :

-The SIM card is not registered, not activated or not supported by the Huawei mobile phone. So should either try with other SIM, or should verify to see if this SIM works in another phone to exclude this possible issue
-Your phone can be blacklisted because was declared lost/stolen or for not played contract. To verify if that’s the problem try with the original sim to see if works or contact the network help service. If the phone works fine with the original SIM than this is not the problem
-A settings or firmware problem. Can fix that by selecting the network manually , doing a factory reset, update or firmware restore
-The phone has a hardware problem. If any of the above fixes do not work your phone may have a hardware problem and should send it for repairs, hopefully using the warranty if still available