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Blackberry unlock code instructions:

A.General instructions

1. Turn on the phone on with a Non accepted SIM card(from a different carrier) inside
2. Phone will display “Sim Unlock Code is Needed to Use the phone proceed”?
3. Click yes, and input the 8 or 16 digit Unlock code sent to you
4. Phone is now unlocked.


1. Start the phone on with a Non accepted SIM card(from a different carrier) inside
2. On the main menu,  Go to settings
3. Go to advanced options, then SIM card.
4. Type MEPD (you will not see anything typed on your screen)
5. Type in MEP, hold ALT and press 2, another screen pops up for the code
6. Input the 8 or 16 digit Blackberry Unlock code sent to you, it will say “Code Accepted”
7. Phone is now unlocked

B.Specific instructions

-Blackberry 10: Z10,Q10,Q5 etc.

1. Insert a non-accepted SIM card and power phone on.
2. Go to Settings > Security and Privacy > Simcard
3. Press “Unlock Network”
4. Enter the 8 or 16 digit code (If 16 digit code is giving error, use the first 8 digits of the 16 digit code)
5.Phones is now Unlocked!

-BlackBerry Curve 9320 , Storm 9550/9530, Tour 9630, Bold 9650

1. Go to options, device settings, advanced system settings, simcard
2. Type in MEPD using the keyboard (nothing will show on screen)
3. Hold ALT, then type in MEP2 while holding alt; another screen pops up for the code
4. Enter the code, remember you ONLY have 10 chances to get it right
5. Press the enter key

-BlackBerry Pearl 91xx – 81xx

1. Start the phone on with a Non accepted simcard in the phone, and Go to settings
2. On the main menu,  Go to settings
3. Go to advanced options
4. Type MEPPD (you can’t see anything typed on your screen)
5. Type in MEPP, hold ALT and press 2, another screen pops up for the code
6. Input the 8 or 16 digit Unlock code sent to you, it will say “Code Accepted”
7. Phone is now unlocked

-BlackBerry CDMA Devices (SPC / MSL Code)

1. From the main screen of the BlackBerry, press the green call button to enter the phone
2. Type in ##MSLCODE then the green talk button (ex: ##123456 Green talk button)
3. In the CDMA service edit screen, delete the number in the first row (000000xxxx) and replace it with your current phone number
4. Press the menu key and choose save
5. The device will re-boot
6. When the device reboots, Activation required will be gone and the active carrier name will now appear

BlackBerry troubleshooting instructions:

The BlackBerry 

Never enter more than once the blackberry unlock code, and if are not sure what code you need to insert better contact us. Verify the phone IMEI and PRD numbers you sent us are correct. If you send us the IMEI number from the label from the back of the phone verify that is the same with the one shown by the phone when typing *#06#.If either PRD or IMEI is incorrect then that is your problem, email us the correct details and will fix your problem. If both are correct please do the next verifications to see what your problem is:

-Verify how many tries you have left

Blackberry devices have firstly 10 tries to insert the unlock code. If you insert a wrong code, that number decrease until 0,when you will not be able to insert any unlock code and your phone will be hardlocked. If you see you have “MEP 0” tries left then, that is the problem, your phone is hardlocked and will not work to unlock it with an unlock code

-Verify the locks that are active or enabled

On your phone, go to Settings and then “Simcard”, then type “MEPD”.  You will see a menu like this:

SIM: Disabled

Network: Enable / Active

Network Subset: Disabled

Service Provider: Disabled (or Enable / Active)

Corporate: Disabled

If in the menu shows Network Enable / Active means your Blackberry phone is locked and you need a MEP2 code to unlock it. If it shows Service Provider Enable / Active means that you will need to use the MEP4 code provided to unlock the phone, and probably that’s why did not worked if you tried MEP2 code. When the phone is unlocked all locks must show Disabled or Inactive.

-Provided us the your MEP code (which is a network specific code, that will help us find the MEP2/MEP4 unlock code)

Please download this software and reply back with the information that the software shows

Step 1: Download the Mep reader—>

Step 2: Connect your Blackberry to the computer using the original USB cable

Step 3: Start BB-Server Blackberry Logger and click Read Blackberry Handset Info

Step 4: If the drivers are not installed by windows update just install

Step 5: You will see your phone’s information from the Logger

The BlackBerry mobile  asks for  “Sim PIN”  or “PUK”

Those are specific to your SIM card and should be written on your SIM package if is a new SIM.The SIM pin is either set by the Sim owner or if is a new card should be written on the SIM instructions papers. For most Sim cards the default PIN is either 0000 or 1234 ,but you only have 3 tries so would recommend to try finding the exact Pin before trying those.If asks for PUK you can find it by calling to your carrier support or look on the original SIM package.

Your BlackBerry  asks for  “Phone Password”/”Security Pin”/”User code” or another user lock like pattern lock/Gmail account

Most likely your BlackBerry has a user lock. To be sure that’s the problem turn on the phone without an SIM inside or with the original SIM. If asks the same thing then for sure the user lock is the problem.  The fix for this is a hard reset. To do a hard reset on android phones go into “Recovery mode” by turning the phone off then holding in same time “Home”, “Power” and “Vol  up” buttons, then select “Wipe data/Factory reset”

After turning on your BlackBerry smartphone with the new sim inside it displays “No SIM”

It means the BlackBerry mobile cannot detect the sim card at all.The most usual reason is that the SIM card is not inserted correctly, so verify what’s the right way to insert the SIM card and reinsert it.If you still you get the same message there may be a problem with your SIM card, either SIM is broken or not supported by the phone at all , so verify if you get the same message with other SIM  card or there might be a problem with the sim card reader.

The phone accepted the code but still displays “No service”

This can be caused by many things, here are the most common reasons :

-The SIM card is not registered, not activated or not supported by your BlackBerry. So should either try with other SIM or should verify to see if this SIM works in another phone to exclude this possible issue
-Your phone can be blacklisted because was declared lost/stolen or for not played contract. To verify if that’s the problem try with the original sim to see if works or contact the network help service. If the phone works fine with the original SIM then this is not the problem
-A settings or firmware problem. Can fix that by selecting the network manually, doing a factory reset, update or firmware restore
-The phone has a hardware problem. If any of the above fixes do not work your phone may have a hardware problem and should send it for repairs, hopefully using the warranty if still available