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We have a long history of phone unlocking, and we make sure to offer you the easiest and fastest way to unlock your Sony Ericsson mobile phone locked to any network, all at the best price.

You will receive the unlock code, including step by step instructions on how to unlock your phone.

This is the perfect method for nontechnical users because we also send tutorials on how to get the information needed about the phone and how to insert the unlock code.

Process time: 2-10 days


Supported models:

– Any Sony Ericsson worldwide, including new models

To verify if your phone can be unlocked, switch on your phone without SIM card. Write *#*#7378423#*#*. Select Service Info and then Simlock. If for Network you see [x] in front and it is different from 0 after you can unlock your phone by this code. If it is 0 do not order as we cannot give the money back.

How the unlock is done

When buying this service you will have to insert some data about your phone:

  • IMEI (ex: 353424250140367, normally made of 14-16 digits, can be found by dialling *#06# )
  • Phone model (ex: Sony Ericsson )
  • Network: (ex:AT&T USA)


Firstly, if you would like to use your phone with another network supplier, this won’t work if your phone is SIM locked. Once you’ll unlock your SONY, it will be ready to be used with any network carrier anywhere in the world. Moreover, this process increases the selling price once you decide to sell your phone.

Also, consider the fact that you’ll save money when travelling by using a local sim card because you’ll be able to use your phone with local network providers, and avoiding roaming fees.

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